Courses Taught

Clemson University

World Literature, Fall 2017

Survey of global literature from the twentieth and twenty-first centuries comparing traditional, canonical, post-Industrial novels and short stories to global graphic novels. This course seeks to have students develop empathic critical thinking through global engagement while also addressing the purposes and forms of global literature. Students perform both traditional academic research and multi-media design. Authors and critics include: Conrad, Said, Rushdie, Lalami, Cortazar, Marquez, McCloud, Satrapi, Moon and Ba, Abouet, Bui.

Composition and Rhetoric, Fall 2017

Freshman composition course. Course uses Disney films as an archive to practice composition and argumentation in traditional, digital, and multi-media genres. Students learn close reading of visual rhetoric with academic writing and research, while also focusing on multi-modal design in order to address the changing landscape of communication in global forums.


University of Miami

Instructor, African American Literature, Fall 2015

Survey of African American literature from slavery to contemporary addressing historical and aesthetic movements with comparison of gender and class perspectives through diverse genres. Students choose novels and film to be discussed in class based on their interests and address contemporary movements like Black Lives Matter in context with historical civil rights activism. Students use Saidiya Hartman as model for addressing archival silences through creative writing assignment. Authors and critics include: Morrison, Hartman, Equiano, Douglass, Jacobs, Chesnutt, Washington, DuBois, Wells-Barnett, Johnson, Hurston, Harlem Renaissance poets, Wright, Ellison, Childress, Petry, Malcolm X, MLK, Baker, Tretheway, Ward, Jones, Everett. Student writing featured by UM Richter Library Special Collections Website.

Graduate Teaching Assistant Co-Teacher, American Immigrant Experiences of Florida, Fall 2014

Co-taught with Dr. Donette Francis. Sophomore level special topics course cross-listed in English and American Studies. Students were introduced to the diverse narratives of immigration in Florida’s history and the current debates around immigration today. Course included a service-learning component and digital project. Assisted with syllabus design, lectured on historical background, and led discussions on course readings.

Instructor, Freshman Composition: Deconstructing Disney, Spring 2014

Second-semester composition course. Students use textual analysis and theory to practice argumentation, research, and citation through the lens of popular culture. Students perform close reading of Disney villains using visual, aural, and contextual rhetoric, employ Judith Butler to analyze gender performance, and research historical context for Disney films.

Instructor, Freshman Composition: Food and Culture, Fall 2013

First-semester composition course. Students use field-research to learn observation, analysis, and argumentation through the lens of local food scenes. Students engage ethnographic and anthropological methodology to observe interactions in food spaces and develop analysis on cultural assumptions, employ Roland Barthes in rhetorical analysis of print and commercial food advertisements, practice interview, presentation, and peer review skills, and address personal bias in research and writing.